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7 “Whys” Growth Driven Design is Painless Website Redesign Approach

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You already have a website and it’s not driving results, so you decided to do a redesign but you’re scared that it won’t make big difference.

Growth Driven Design is smarter, results driven, effective approach to website redesign. Continuous learning about your visitors and improving based on that data is something that describes this methodology. This way you will have results even during redesign process.

Traditional web design is based on assumptions, it’s expensive, it often goes of the schedule, breaks deadlines, takes long time to finish. At the end you get something that isn’t performing well.

Here are 7 “Whys” Growth Driven Design is Painless Website Redesign Approach:

  1. Making research and strategy before starting to design
  2. Quick launch so-called Launch-Pad website
  3. Continuous observation, measuring and learning
  4. Improving and tweaking website to meet visitor needs
  5. Never get’s out of date
  6. Driving results during redesign process
  7. Cost effective

GDD requires deep research and strategy creating before starting to design

Research and strategy is first phase in GDD.

Goal of this phase is to get sense how website will best satisfy their needs and fit in their life.

Common problem with traditional redesign is that clients and agencies go blindly on designing a website. That’s why 81% of all websites on the internet are just floating on internet. They’re out of date, nobody visits them and they’re not making any results for businesses. That’s the most effective way for clients to waste his money.

Growth Driven Design methodology requires deep research before starting to design. When research is done, agency needs to make a strategy.

There are number of steps in strategy phase in order to get all needed information about our users and visitors.

Everything we change or add on website we think of how it will affect our users. We need to reduce their chalages and answer their questions about their problems.

What exactly making research means?

Your current website is outperforming so we need to find out why. It could be many reasons: too much content without clear website goals, users hardly navigate website, they can’t find value, they can’t complete desired action. But you don’t know what they want, you don’t know what are they doing on your website. That’s why we should know your audience and audit your current website. Find out what are current site problems.

What exactly creating strategy means?

It means creating a plan based on research we did in order to satisfy your customer’s  needs. We should create sales funnel. Based on problems they have we find solutions for each. Creating wishlist with ideas we get in strategy phase. This will drive value to users and business.

Quick launch so-called LaunchPad website

Instead dumping all things in massive website that will be bunch of “maybe this and this” and “this could help”, we’ll make something efficent with real things that work but keep some other ideas so we can implement them later on after measuring. This website is not any less better then some in traditional. This is not half finished website, this is fully functional website with all required features. Why should you put 20 pages on website when users only visit 5 pages. And even not those 5 because you’ve overwelmed them.

In this phase we remove everything that we assume. We shouldn’t include some this that we doublt about.

Here we take 20% of wishlist. 20% that will drive 80% of impact. Nice to have or must to have. Speeding up the process.

Goal is to publish website as fast as possible. It could be one – tree months, depending on website.

Continuous learning, measuring

When website is live we have visitors coming. First we need regular amount of visitors. Are they finding value on our website. Can they find that value as quicly and as easlily as posible. Do they come back.. Break site apart based on personas. Assets. Order is important It’s so important when you do something to measure results. When not measuring it will lead you in wrong direction. Here comes installing some tools for measuring…

measuring, sales, marketing tools

Adaptive to your audience, improving

Based on learning and learning personas we need to tweak a website. If we don’t get clicks on some page as we expected we need to know why and when we get answer we need to apply it.

Based on 3. UX, copywriting, Conversion optimization etc

DATA: Plan > Build > Learn

Never get’s out of date

This type of website never get’s old. It’s because continios improvement and tweaks on design. When something new comes in world of websites you’ll be able to easily implement it and test it.

Driving results during redesign process

This is one of the biggest advantages of Growth Driven Design.

When lanchpad website is published you will start to engage with your audience. Based on 4 and 5 you will know what clinets know and have all that ready.. It means more sales. Website could even pay off in this phase.

GDD is  fusion of marketing/sales and design. It informs other parts of business such as marketing and sales departments.

Cost effective

It turns out that doing website with GDD methodology is faster and cheaper. Also you’ll see real benefits and this kind of website pays off.


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