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[HOW TO] 2x Business Revenue With Website

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Sorry, but in first sentence I’m going to assume something: your website is doing nothing, just existing on the internet clouds, it doesn’t care about you, and you don’t care about it because you do not update it or maybe if you’re little bit more advanced and know something about digital marketing, you’re updating it regularly and trying to get some traffic but that traffic is not driving enough leads and customers. Here you’re gonna learn how to double business revenue with website.


So take a look what you’re gonna learn in this blog-post:

  1. Questions to ask your self before you start.
  2. What is, and how to implement funnel?
  3. How to generate traffic?
  4. 10 Lead magnet (a.k.a. “opt-in bribe”) ideas (with SlideShare)
  5. Small offers to build trust.
  6. How to maximize funnel efforts (5 ideas)?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  1. Do visitors care about my product?
  2. Why do they come on my website?
  3. Do they find what they’re searching for?
  4. Why should they buy from me?
  5. Do they trust this website?
  6. Does it looks legit and professional?

Again, I assume – you haven’t. If yes then great, half job done.

And some questions, I would like to ask you:

  1. Is your website optimized for leads and customers generation?
  2. Whether the site meets basic Visual Design and User Experience standards?
  3. Do your visitors know what is your business about in first 10 seconds when they see your website?

Do not worry, we’ll answer all of those. It’s simple, it’s contained in one blog-post, how could it be difficult?!

Ultimate answer is FUNNEL!

What is funnel and how you can create your own!?

It’s the path that users should pass from ordinary visitor to customer. Through out that path you build trust, credibility, emotions, loyalty etc. It’s literally like funnel, it’s wide on top and narrow on bottom.

First of all your website needs to be:

  1. Responsive – looking good on every device such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops etc.
  2. Visually appealing.
  3. Simple and easy to use – easy to navigate.
  4. Visitors can easily purchase or contact you – make purchasing as easy as possible and place your contact info on visible place.

Let’s start!

So every person that visits your website will be part of the funnel, but only some will go deeper.
When you get traffic from blog-post, social media clicks, google searches etc, those are people that get in your funnel. All first time visitors are on the top of the funnel.

Then you need to push them deeper. How?

Give them something valuable for free. Just ask them to leave their email in your opt-in form for newsletter. But you will have a lot more success if you offer them for example some PDF guide that they only can get if they leave their email. Beside PDF guide you can make some other valuable content like: template packs, stickers, small course, free webinar etc. This is called lead magnets. This is the first step how you build trust.

I’m gonna tell you a story:

Bob had a house and plot on really good place in the city. Place was attractive to some marketing agencies, putting billboard there would make them and their customers a lot of money. Problem was that already few marketing agencies asked house owner to put their huge billboard there and he refused. But one agency had a smarter approach, they asked owner to let them place a very small billboard there and he accepted. After few months when owner used to it and get to know marketing agency, they came again and asked could they replace that billboard with a little bit bigger one. Owner said yes, a little bit bigger billboard wont affect me. And after another few months marketing agency came again and told that this billboard had a great impact on their business and how it would be great if they can put the largest one. At that point they had a good relationship, they were friends, they got to know each other and trusted each other. Owner said: “no problem go ahead”…

Conclusion: you can’t push big things before you build trust, other agencies didn’t know that so they failed.

So how did you expect them to buy something from you if they don’t know who you are, they don’t know your product, they don’t trust you.

Fist give them something small for free and prove that you’re worth of attention. Then give them something for small price.. Then you’re ready to sell on big. Those people already tried you, they tasted you… Now you can sell your most valuable product.

Another ways to build trust (social media followers, testimonials, comments, videos etc.)

Imagine that you have 5000 visitors per month. You’re trying to sell them your main product without even letting them taste you?? WTF are you doing. Why should I buy from you?

0.5% will buy – not very good.

But imagine 5000 visitors entering funnel..Here is how it should go:

  1. 65% (3250) of them will opt-in for newsletter and your Lead magnet.
  2. 20% (650) of 65% (3250) will buy your small offer 650 because they already know that you’re good and they can trust you with small amount of money.
  3. 10% (65) of 20% (650) will buy your main product because in this stage they know you and trust you completely.

Let’s pretend that you have small offer that costs $15 and you have main offer that costs $250.
Without funnel your revenue would be about $12500 maximum if 1% visitors buy.

Now, do the math for conversions with a funnel.
Only with your small product you have 650 * $15= $9750.
Add on that your main product sales: 65 * $250 = $16.250.
Those together = $26000. That’s pretty good.

Your revenue is more then doubled!

This could be expanded and improved a lot – See bellow how to maximize your funnel results.


How to generate traffic?

1. Blog

Writing articles is one of the best ways for generating traffic. It educates your audience and sells your products. When you’re publish regularly your audince get sense of your professionality and expertise. Beside that it will boost your SEO and sell your products. In blog-post you shouldn’t hard sell, you could explain or present your new product but don’t hard sell.

2. SEO efforts (guest posting)

SEO is strong connected to blog, so if you want great SEO first write articles. When one of your articles get popular, whole website get’s credibility and google likes it more. Beside blog you need to optimize your homepage for desired keywords. About, Portfolio, Case studies are important also. Write them good so they can affect total image of the website. Try do guest posting to same or similar niche website, it will help you build quality back-links which leads to better positioning on google search.

3. Social Media

It’s so imporntat that your brand is present everywhere. You don’t have to be fully in all social media sites, just create accounts there and publish sometimes. Choose 2-3 social media sites that you will be fully in and make there big base of your audience. It will build your credibility and other stuff. It will generate consistent traffic to your site.

4. Ads (paid and non paid)

You can exchenage ads with some other page or just ask them to publish your website. Try to reach out as many people as you can in order to get some promotion. You can also pay ads on social media sites or on search engines. Adwords and stuff like that.

5. Influencer shoutout

If you have someone in your niche that is really popular on social media you should reach out and ask them for shoutout. Don’t expect they will do that you don’t give them something in return, it could be money, it could be service or something else. But this can really affect your brand, so wisely choose a person.

6. Email marketing

Email marketing is great thing. You should always use it. You have a subscribers list and you should send them updates regularly. Besite that you could go on forums and other sites related to your niche and find people’s emails than you can reach out them. Collecting email is a good option. Find your potential clients and send them offers by email.

What lead magnets could be (IDEAS):

  1. PDFs which could be:
    – eBook
    – Guide
    – Checklist
    – Cheat Sheet
    – Script
    – Worksheet/Workbook
    – Planner
  2. Giveaway
  3. Free trials
  4. Free webinar
  5. Template/design packs
  6. Toolkit
  7. Premium content (link)
  8. Free consultations
  9. Free quote
  10. Simple newsletters

What small offers could be:

  1. Coupone codes
  2. Discounts
  3. Affiliates
  4. Course
  5. Not expensive product – up to $50


Point is that you can’t sell expensive, even very valuable product/service if you first didn’t create trust for your brand. Go step by step, don’t hard sell. Make your brand friendly, fill it with emotions, know your customer.



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