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How Should Your Website Look Like In 2018

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Few main goals of the website is to present your company, make sales and generate leads. Nowadays internet users are overwhelmed with huge amounts of content which reduces their attention. Beside that, in 2018 they will have more choices then ever, so if you’re not relevant, your website won’t survive in the internet’s seas. Everything mentioned makes internet users very impatient and because of that your website needs to fulfill some new, basic requirements:

1. Mobile first (Responsive)

80% of internet users access social network websites over their smartphones. If you have huge amounts

2. Fast loading

Many will exit your website if it’s not loading withing 2 sec

3. Slick and Simple

Slick and simple. Readable fonts

4. Write less tell more

Minimalistic hompage and landing pages. Do not overwhelm your audience with a lot of content. Grab their attention peace by peace, do it tacticly. Your goal is to keep first time visitor, not scare him, so frab his attention with strong value proposition and make them scroll or click on CTA button

5. Media content

It’s great to have explainer video on website. People love to watch and listen videos rather then read text. Hight qualityImages, graphichs/icons, infographics

6. Conversion optimized

Due small attention and patience span you MUST optimize your website to convert visits into leads or customers.

7. Flawless user experience

Website design needs to intuitive, use right colors that please human eye.

8. Tracking

If you don’t track you’re not doing anything. There isn’t improvements if there isn’t tracking.

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